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A New Years Eve encounter with an Ex! 



6 years ago you destroyed my heart!


Then on New Year eve (2017) you took me back to the start!


When you bumped into me you said you wanted to talk,


You deceived me into thinking you had remorse!




But oh no!




We had just sat down in a bar & I took my first sip!


When you started chatting poop, 


I realised you were still an absolute fruit loop!!




You see, 6 years ago, whilst mis-carrying our child!


You spat obscenities at me, vulgar & wide eyed!


You claim you don’t remember this 6 years on, but you remember the hospital security telling you to be gone! 




You said you thought I couldn’t get pregnant, & implied you were caught up in a lie!


This is when the tears started falling from my eyes! 


I can’t believe you think this is something I would do!


I was completely in love & intoxicated by you!




As I was lying bleeding in the hospital bed, “I am not leaving my woman in Bristol”, is what you said!


You had initially told me she was just a friend,


The lies, deceit, & mixed messages you would send!




You could not connect with the pain I was in!


You are narcissistic & self-centred with a stupid grin!




When you read my poem, about the miscarriage and the purge of my pain!


You asked “what about me & where is my name”!




You told me that you had loved me & if the baby had survived, you would have ended your other relationship & all of the lies!




I wouldn’t have wanted to be with you for the baby’s sake,


Surrounded by your resentment & feelings so fake!




You told me in the bar, that you have known me for over 15 years,


You fondly recalled the laughter & tears!


You told me that we could give it another go, but wait for it ....


Your current girlfriend would need to go!




Oh Jesus! 




On New Year’s Eve you were partying alone! 


When I asked if you were single you said YES, & that you had recently brought a new home!




So 5 days later, on the 5th January 2018,


You are now informing me you are in a relationship, but we can give it another go!!




I want to scream every swear word & punch you in your face!


You are a disgusting man & an absolute disgrace!


I would never of agreed to meet up for a drink! 


6 years later, and still lying - you git!




Not this time! I’m not falling for your chat!


With your constipated face, & your belly so fat!


You want your cake & to eat it,


There has been no progression in your life!


Just a long road of carnage, misery & strife!




You said she is 50 with 2 children in tow!


Been together 3 years but she has got to go!


You are not sexually compatible was your spiel!


Do you think I am a knob head! 


Are you, for real!!!




You asked me to wait until February 2018, when you will be free! 


As you want to let her down gently!


You want to tell her after her birthday that the relationship is done,


And then what? Contact me for some meaningless fun?




You tried every manipulating trick in the book... even suggesting trying for another baby!


Well let me tell you this.... 


There is absolutely no way!


In fact, you must be absolutely crazy!!




So crawl back into the dirty gutter from which you crawled out!


You make me sick & disgusted!


There is absolutely no doubt!


You are the same knob you will always be!


A selfish, greedy, narcissist who will never connect with me!




This is my wish for you in 2018, as we should wish each other well!


I hope your knob drops off you disgusting beast, & you burn in the flames of hell!!


You are disgusting to me! 


A piece of scum!


So..., Daniel Francis, we are finally done!!




Chapter, Verse, & Book closed!




Written by © Wendy Roberts 06-01-2018 all rights reserved



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