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The northern winds whispers through the snow......
It spins in white flakes to and fro....
It sends cold to distant planes...
In warmer times it was the rain...
Now its icy hands strike with pain....
It leaves its mark in shadows stained.

Left in the wilderness to die, not knowing the reason
why. I see a Falcon approaching from the corner of
my eye.
He lands beside me and tells me to rise...I begin to
Think my mind is slipping.
I doubt myself believing the moment lies.
Truth or fiction, I can not tell, its like I'm trapped in a
Witches spell...

I tried to stand but suddenly fell, the Falcon still in my
He releases his awesome might...holding me with talons
Grip, reposition so I do not slip...Now secure within his
hold. His wings open strong and bold...
Drifting in the angry winds he finds the nest, a place to let
my wounds heal and rest...

I slipped into sleep, I thought I heard the Falcon weep.
Safe at last I awaken to my heart beating fast, it beats
Then pounds, high above the snow-covered ground....
The confusion comes in leaps and bounds...

The hour's surrender to the facts at hand.
Knowing my fate, that I was that Falcons feathered mate.
He brought me home when I was lost.
The wilderness has gained respect in snow-blasted frost.
Now the Falcons cuddle warm to weather another storm.
They stand by one another's side, in open country, their
Love abides.
Truth of origins softly glides,
as the call of death,
runs to
("A Bird's eye view.")

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Falcon`s Love Abides