Gotta go

Real gone
So long, once again it's time to be moving on.
Too many people wanting time from me, so long.
Today, tomorrow all i know is it's time to move on..
Where I'll go where I'll end is anyone guess.

it's so long, time I've been here is way to long.
Wonder where I'll end up this time. wherever
won't be any better, all I'll know is that, I'm not known.
So long, gotta go, can't stay here, can't stay anywhere.

Which ever way i go, which ever place i end will
only be another place to leave. So long I'm gone.
See you around only it won't be anyone i no, oh no.
So long I'm tired of people owning a piece of me.
Gotta go were I'm not known, goodbye so long, I'm gone.

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Gotta go