Never Stop Doing Good

Doing good is not a crime
If you are a believer of Jesus Christ
Doing good works comes out of free will
As you are saved by grace

By God's grace
You will enter heaven
Your sins are paid for
By the blood of Jesus Christ

Yet you must still honor God
You still must serve God
By doing good.
In heaven and on earth
Because He wants
All of us to do good

Never stop doing good
On earth
Just remember your saved by grace
But doing good works
Stores up everlasting reward
In heaven

These are the words of Jesus Christ
Sell and give to the poor
Store up the treasure in heaven
Where the thief can't steal
And moth can't reach

We know His words are ever true
So keep doing good works
Here on earth
Cause thats what
Jesus Christ wants all of us to do

If able and if you can
Do as much good on earth before you die
Cause you can't take anything with you
Into eternal life

But you can store up
The everlating treasure In heaven
Yes you can store it all in paradise
It will be waiting for you there

Never stop doing good
On earth
As long as you know
That you are saved by grace
Never stop doing good

Don't let anyone discourage you
Cause all that they are doing
Is preventing you from your eternal reward
Remember what Jesus Christ said is ever true

So as word of God says
Never cease to do good
By doing good you glorify God
And earn eternal reward in heaven.

Never stop doing good
From what Jesus Christ said to do
Never stop doing good
On earth
Cause when you get to heaven
Your reward will be there
Waiting for you

And yes God loves you
But He is a just God
So when you get to heaven
You will see many Saints get many rewards
But if you haven't done a thing
For God's Kingdom on earth
Then you might just get nothing more
Than sandals and a white robe
For all eternity to walk the streets of gold.

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