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There is grief with lost health.
It strips the strength, as well
as wealth.

The human spirit is amazing
It takes the challenge , it faces
Its hazing..

I realized in sickness or health
The spirit is the true wealth..
It is the light within myself...

I can not see any quitting in me
So I hope for the best and face
The rest...

If by chance You see me glance
In your direction...
It because it's your warmth is my
Valued affection.

I wish you well, every step of your
Way, I'll be waiting to greet you in
"The Here After" someday..

At days end, just around the bend,
I stand by my family and friends..

Facing new beginnings as life
Comes to it's end...
Only to face a new life, when
My essence ascends..

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Days End