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Silence is Surely Golden

Silence has a book already written, you
may read, but cannot hear.
It is better to be silence and observe, than
speak and be sorry all your life for the words
spoken without thinking first.

We do not know this, till it happens to us, and
in a flash, we lower our heads, and begin
to learn the meaning of silence, may it be
silent! no one, will ever say anything to you, not
for the thoughts entering your mind.

Only words spoken from the mouth shall be heard,
but not thoughts that flow freely in the mind of
all who have learned the hard way, to be silent
and speak with observation.

We are free and will remain free, no one can
ever take that away from us, what we think and
do not speak, will remain in our minds, and no one
will be any wiser the thoughts that flow deeply
within, even existed.

Those who observe will forever be a mystery,
only they know what makes themselves unique.
It is better to be silent and not sorry, for a mouth
that speaks nonsense.

(Silence is forever golden and observation is a treasure
kept always.)
By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Silence is Surely Golden