Think Good Thoughts

Think good thoughts even how you feel.
You have those days that make you cry
you have those special moments that make
you never forget.

Think good every day, even how everything
seems to go wrong, it may not be good as you
may think, it just hurts to much to leave it
hurt deeper, without trying to make it
feel better first.

Think good thoughts, so you can laugh at something
you haven't laughed at for sometime..It is all
worth the trouble to think good thoughts, with every
breath you take.

Think good thoughts when the sky is filled with
stars, and the coolness of the breeze makes you
want to dance, and skip in time, to the rhythm
in your head.

Think good thoughts when you pray to God for
a special favor, and he sends it to you in a different
way, you thought would be impossible to be granted
to you.

Think good thoughts just for the thought, of
thinking good, it will warm your heart and
calm your soul.

Think good thoughts even when you feel you can
never think good thoughts again, and you feel
angry and eager, to hit the fence next to your car.

Collect your thoughts, and think good, it may
just comfort you more than you can
imagine it could.

(Always think good thoughts, they will calm
you down and make you realize what you
have to be thankful for)

By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Think Good Thoughts