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Phrase~painters And Poeteers

January's Sunday Morn
Darkness is the only thing
a shaded window presents.
Penetrating chills and vaporized breath
are things she resents.

Arthritic, gloved, fingers
grip a cold steering wheel;
she drives east: meeting dawn
magnificently solemn, yet, somehow, lonesome still.

Having ridden nearly an hour,
she arrives at a heavy door.
Trustingly, she finds the key,
as she has many Sundays before.

Lights lift.
Stained glass gleams.
Martyrs, saints and angels smile,
or, at least, so it seems.

There, before nobody,
music begins;
a muted, but, vibrant organ,
and her fervent prayer, ascends.

One by one
parishioners file in
unaware of the passion
richly, residing, there-in.

Soon there is procession
and Father walks through, a song.
Blessing and forgiving us
for sins and of any wrong.

Melody greets thanksgiving
while celebrating our holy meal;
a robust song of recessing attacks
daily grinds, so real.

Soon, the building empties,
silence, again, takes reign.
Cherubs, and Seraphs, thank her.
She locks the door again.

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