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Between Silence and Knowledge

It's not your heart I want to hold tight
it's your freedom of soul I'd give the world
for, if I had even half of what you never once
realized you have it would be mine.

Unique you feel, and others feel, not in the
silence of night can one feel the soul fly
toward another plain without knowledge
of doing so.

Spirit knows truth not for those who capture
false wisdom and superior intent, they dream of such
gifts and receive another of less supreme ability
of knowing without thought or action.

Caught between two worlds life commits sufficient
qualities unable to continue a life of odd situations
laying out in front of body and soul, therefore mysteries
find answers in ways that can't be mentioned.

Dream of days that once told your story before it happened
and now reality.
By Derena
2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Between Silence and Knowledge