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Death Storm

Arctic winds rips and tares
Ice and snow are everywhere.
Dangerous cold strips the air
like the ruthless claws of polar

If the shelter does not appear, I will
fall to death storm's hold, in inhumanly
Icy cold...
A cabin is in my view, as I search,
in frosty hue...

Now tapping at the door, I hear footsteps
tread across the floor...
A young child invites me close to open
flame...to warm my feet and hands.
Its warmth is so grand.

Many years have passed since death storm
came... The child saved me, as for him ...
I did the same.

His family fell to the storms icy bite, and 
The tragedy that left him alone to fight...
Yes, we saved each other...
Deep into that icy winter night!

I was happy to make him my son...
We fought the storm and went on the
To climates of tropic heat.
A place that welcomes bare feet...

Together, we weather warmer storms...
Can't seem to escape nature's fury, 
A team like ours catches on in a hurry...
When there is the word of tropical storms
We batten down the hatches in a scurry
We no longer worry.

Death Storms continue in that part of the land
I often think of its might, but It's bitter cold
Is no longer in sight, "mind over matter" has
brought us to an island of warmth and light!

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Death Storm