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This is a story old....
about a kingdom of silver
and gold. It sparkled in
Dawns first light, and glowed
at the moons first sight...

Many countries tried to
take this city for their own
but their efforts were overthrown
the people of this city was strong,
skillful and witty, they lived with a

They dug for their silver and gold in
the mountains near their shores.
They would often take breaks, they 
Were thankful for the riches they'd

One day the ground began to shake.
Its rumble made this city break,
An earthquake folded the city in to
the depth of the earth, it swallowed
all of its worth.

All of the people manage to get away,
in that dust filled hazy day.
Fire burned in near by fields, the fury 
Of nature was reluctant to yield.

A message was sent by the earth
The true value was not the cities
Precious silver or gold, it was the
Life that city did hold.....
The rest....was glitter so cold...


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Silver and Gold