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I crossed my Heart

I crossed my heart that night you left before
your time, I could not believe you were gone
that misty dawn in November.

Was told years before, that we should always
be aware of change, it happens quick without

Live for today, for tomorrow may never come
never make room for regrets, they cause
pain that never should be.

I know I have very few regrets as my journey
unfolds softly around me, life is to live
the best we can, not to take the life force
from those who are fighting hard to make
it through life.

We were born to live, learn and grow from
our struggles, and never stop the love
that flows from the heart.

I cross my heart daily for all I have
knowing it can be taken away before
my next breath.

By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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I crossed my Heart