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Love from me to You

You came to me once in a dream
you left with a tear in your eye
you were always there, and I
never knew it.

Now I don't dream of you as
once you were skating across
the heavens so vast. yet I
feel you near.

I feel your kiss upon my cheek
when the snow falls softly, I see
you in the morning mist, you
have always been with me.

Your have always been soft music
that comforts me when clouds of
darkness surround.

You are my inspiration, as I walk
through life never alone, I feel
you always, the warmth of the
sun upon my face, the gentle
breeze blowing through my hair
when the mountain keeps glowing
brightly each day from the kiss of
the sun.

I love you.

By Derena

2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Love from me to You