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Winters days are short
Nights sings to the north winds flow!
Ice reflects the moon's soft glow.

This is a season that sadness visits.
In dormant fields once bright.
I walk in silence and look for  fire light.

I had a talk with sadness, my words 
so brief....She lifted her tearful eyes, 
Sadness let me know....
Her cries are full blown grief......

The beauty of the gleaming snow
shines like diamonds in twilight
One touch of the cold will bite and
change to ice bound might......

So a fire place in a shack, glowed 
With warmth and tears, reflecting 
of lost lives,  how deep the loneliness
their absence ..... Gives.. To those 
Who no longer lives...

Dawn grew near, sadness dried her
final tear. Her visit was long and 
I sat with sadness that night, and 
listen with love and without fear......

When sadness visits I listen with
My heart, where sadness made her
When the heart is broken we hear the
Words that sadness has...... Spoken!

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Sadness Visits