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Every day in every way
I've watched from far away.
So just remember why I slip away.

Just a brief and said display, when
I feel helplessly to dismay.....life 
Was rushing by, I saw it spin from
The corner of my eye.

Not much I can say or do, I still
Don't understand, but I'm so defeated
and broken heart, I should have stopped
Before, I started...

Now many friends,
have departed, I don't understand you
Hate for me, when love is what has set
Me free! Yes I should have stopped, before
I started.....

I won't forget how you'd made me smile,
I'm thankful I had that for a while.
I do respect you, and always will, 
This is a sad and hurtful plea, I'd
Hoped for more than what now
I see, I always enjoyed your...

I have a heart in two parts, broken
and torn apart, alone I understand
I can no longer reach out for your
gentle hand.
God bless you in all you do, I will
always wish the best for you.

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I Will Always Wish the Best for You