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It was a certian kind of peace,
that filled my heart, its glow
Touched my spirit's flow.
I've seen deep tragedy, and
Pain,  and walked away, it is
The hearts ability to mend,
and special heart full of love,
I send....

The storms we face in our life,
Is full of turmoil and strife....
Faith remains, he stands beside
Me all the same, his Saints and 
Angles make their claim, an unmarked
Stain is washed away, and love and
Warmth, shines through,
sun or Moon beams rays..

Day by day walks in a pace, that
Life displays, its goodness placed
On the scales to weigh.....
Let it
be heavy or light, it will capture
His sight, and he will warm us with
His beaming light.....
In his kind loving might..

Faith of the unseen, is a vision so precious
and clean, it brings life value above all, it 
Enriches its hope, when he calls, it picks us
Up if we fall...
Heaven is a place we seek, open to all that 
Trust in his love, in a place far above, a home
For the mighty and meek, when salvation, we
Humbly seek..

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Salvation I Humbly Seek