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For You

She ascended the staircase with an elegance and grace all of her own.
Whereas; I gazed and pondered, where had I seen her before?
Long had I perused and wondered, contemplating her beauty until a love and lust so strong for her entered my soul.
I much enjoyed spying on her, through my pane; secretly, as I know she aspired me much in the same way.

As I recall, an abnormally warm Indian Summer waned away into a mild beginning of winter.
Long had I recaptured, staring through that picturesque pane, visions of such a beautiful and vivacious woman I had enjoyed looking for and at, again and again;
Hence, I had not seen her for nearly a moon.
Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays passed, in a flash of light, as my soul yearned for the sight and touch of her grace.

Remembrance, realization, loneliness through the light of the holidays made me succumb to recognition, I needed a mate.
With the year coming to a close, Father Chronos spent his last hours in revelry, friends of mine had gathered for a small welcoming of the Cherub New Year.
Earlier that day I had agreed to spend my New Year's Eve with an acquaintance of my best friend in which he had tried to get me to meet earlier in the year.

Upon greeting my best of friends--at the gathering--I inquired, as to, where is this lovely woman...and as I looked up, there was that beauty standing right in front of me,
the woman I so long had yearned for, smiling at me as if she had known me a lifetime; saying, "If not for you, I would still be alone this night" and I replied, "If not for you,
I would still be looking for the beautiful young woman burned and etched into my soul...let us reap the whirlwind!"

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For You