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Before the Storm

Life devours tears that fall upon
the drying earth, they seemed to
have dried the plants and oceans
are still raging fiercely.

Crashing down, truth cannot hide
what lie deeply; they
surround the shadows that bring
the clouds of fear.

Calmness gaze softly at
rainbows after the storm of
all tomorrows, shining down like
blazing sun, hot, warming
coldest of heart.

Surrender never hurts sensitive
hearts; only brightness that
grows high like a tree searching
the heavens.

Play misty among the beads
that lie upon the roses of early
morn, they bloom for morning
light to devour.

Man creatures of destiny, stage
there play, in each act there
is the thunder that enlightens
each soul of every lasting glory.

Hurting moments of yesterdays tell
the story of today's and tomorrows,
each have its own play to show,
a fortress of knowledge, never
ending story.

~Derena Bree

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Before the Storm