Lover's Fate

Lightning rips, the air...
It is a night that is regarded
As rains of winter harden.

The elements display, a long
and Extraordinary day.
The night is slipping away in
Rain and thunder, the steady
Rumble and downpour, has torn
The night asunder.

I miss you, an empty bed yet your
Essence fills the room. My love,
My groom. Lost in the hours ever
so soon.

As your picture gleams on the wall
I bid farewell to the morning star
Midnight and hollow moon greets the
Loneliness with deeds unsaid in a
Moment of pending dread...

Without your smile and warm
Sweet arms, to lose the night
In your charms. A warm and special
Grace reveals its light from your
Face, restoring passion's grace.

The time when serenity finds a place,
in motion love illuminates,
To let us witness our lovers fate.
The flames of love recreate...
A peaceful time that awaits...
Thus a full circle, the lover's
Fate...the moment no longer

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Lover`s Fate