Small World Endless Heaven

There lived a man who walked on the land.
He sailed the seas in a summers breeze
He flew the deep blue skies, drifted above
With the birds that he loved, he remained
Happy in flight in pure sunlight, his open
The wing was a loving delight.

One day this man became ill he lost his wings
A special thrill, waiting quietly for his health
To return, but that chance was gone, his answer
Was for him to blend with music and peace, he was
Heaven bound, his worldly walk would cease!

It was time to walk away, he no longer sailed the
Seas, earth and skies, he comes face to face to meet
With St. Peter, his Mother was waiting with open
Arms, his father with a warm smile on his face
To welcome home in this holy place.

The Man did not forget, his family
Behind, they were so loving and kind.
He has no doubt, Gods Heaven........
they all will find!

He was happy to know, his spirit will
Glow, in the place where Gods children.
Go, A small world, but endless Heaven
The place where he is saved by Our...
Fathers grace...He is born again,
To purify and love where Angels...
Sing in a Kingdom from above...

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Small World Endless Heaven