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Bringing in the New Year with a celebratory kiss, an opportunity that cannot be missed.
A gentle, warm, sweet, soft, luscious first kiss brought our beginning of the New Year with
laughter, dancing, close embrace with a reminiscence of some familiarity set in deep
emotions over everlasting time.

Commonalities surfaced as we were spun absorbing one another's heart...Love pours
in--rushing--golden veins pulsating with every beat, beating in love's rhythm, binding our hearts as one.
Searching souls ambiguities embedded within one's mind, entwined within a love's special intuition,
accepting what can only be concluded. Two old souls bonded in love.

Morning arose yielding the night, our night of one in a thousand dreams,
our night that soulmate's dream. Love's Whirlwind spinning in controlling motions directing our passions to places heightened by desires for the other.
Souls reach grasping deeply then deepest caressing mind and body releasing responding to reasoning intellect of the other.

If not For You, I would be alone this lifetime searching for the one I hold so dear, if not For You

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