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Distant ships collide with the rise and fall of sea salts pride.
The land is out of sight lost the palms and pure white
Sand, a place where the sea and sand shake hands.

A storm forms near the horizon,  a blazing wail, to
Greet the sail, our Captian is looking pale.
As the ship sails closer the storm's shadow materialize,
A cyclone twist and turns, all calmness starts to burn.

Standing in an in-between watching wind sweeps the
Scene.  One side peaceful, the other the storm sweeps
clean, an awesome look that speaks in screams. At 
Open sea dreams are mean, some shattered bows
Are stript clean!

Suddenly the ship is taken, "fight to flight "is awakened!
The storm has drawn the ship within and set the sailors
In a spin.
Sky and seawater enclose the storm die or we find defeat!
A wind like no other pushed the ship through the Gail to 
set the ship to calmer sail.

Days and nights with outstretched   hands brings the ship 
Close to sands. Dropping anchor near the shore, bringing
Rowboats to the beach our destination we safely reach.
The Captain and his crew,  guide ashore to greet the  land
Now where they stand.

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In-Between salt and Green