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White winters tales reveals sorrow's wails,
The King and Queen were taken and the contents
Of the throne room. All that remains, was a red
Velvet curtain drenched in tear stains.

The Captain of the guards searched high and low
Not one clue revealed. The room was roped off
and sealed. What happened that day was a mystery
to say, an investigation was underway.

The residence of a family of giants lived on the
mountaintop, in a secure location.
The Captain and his men head to the Family of
Giants home of relaxation. Now that was a certain

Up the mountain they climb, a dangerous terrain you
Could find! They arrived at the door and knocked, no
Answer at all, so they knocked once more, the short and

The door opened to the Captain and his men,
by a giant that would make ten of them,
directed them to the main hall.
The family was ready to sit at the table, but
The father stopped and gathered his wits, he
Spoke to the captain at arms, and invited them
to Dinner to talk over the mystery they face,
In the kingdom below the giant's place.

Mama Giant was in a swirl, she couldn't find her
Little girl. So Mama went to her daughter's room,
Swung opened the door, there she sat on the floor
Along the stolen royalty and contents of the throne
Room! Mama reached down and picked up the King and
Queen, brought them closer so they can be thoroughly
seen. There appeared to be well fed and clean.

The family took the Kings and Queens men, the majesties
and possessions back to the castle and let them settle.
The King told the family that all was forgiven, just
Go on liven. The girl began to cry, searched around to
Dry her tears, the velvet curtain was her pick, drying
Her big eyes were a trick.

There is a message the girl grew to know, that life is
Valued in in all sizes and forms, we can not take what
is not our own, sometimes that's not understood til full
Grown, but between now and then, respect is shown, knowing
Good reason for broken rules we are atoning.
Rules and laws as we grow will form our lives and our home
and sometimes our thrones...

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White Winter`s Tale