Emptiness to Fullness

In the silence,
the ears are subject
to deafness.
In the bright glimmer of
Light the eyes are wide
Open to blindness.
The echoes of the voices
Unheard speaks to the depth
Of the soul.
We are not what has happened,
Yet reflect its image.
The unseen in blindness, the
Unheard of deafening silence,
That whispers that are soul bound.
Emerging from the imprint histories
Outcome in the absence of the unspoken
Without connection, alienation breeds,
Ignorance feeds, emptiness Leads,
Emptiness leaves it seed.

Part of the solution can bring light in
the darkness!
Silence of unspoken word relays a message,
Understanding, compassion reflects.
Hope is seen, it replace the seeds
Of suffocating weeds, emptiness has
Vanished, caring becomes contagious!
The outreached hand can reach a long
Way. Once empty, is now full!

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Emptiness to Fullness