Beneath and Above

Crystals glowing across lands of redemption
sands of time disclosed with a attitude of deceit
no room for a constant thought of a promise once
kept and forsaken.

Indescribable beauty soars high above imagination
gathering waves digested by lingering aromas lazily
drifting above treasures shimmering with one little tear
of a memory never forgotten.

Mesmerized, dazed, pictures combine, dance, and unite
in an orderly manner, rearranging the situation perfect
in a formation featuring dimensional structures on earth
behind the scenes of yesterday.

Close to thee thou are, upon a single branch with
leaves of gold, sparkling brightly beyond infinity
placing your heart next to the desire you yearned
for, in silence, and patience.

One ornament placed high, bright! a light that
brightens with every smile that flows from a
heart filled with love.

By Derena
2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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Beneath and Above