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Depth of Life

I am a cloud with a mind
seeing everything from years

I collect all the knowledge
captured and remembered
passing it down..

I cannot blame those who
fought for freedom and
died in vain.

Freedom does not exist in the
heart of man, it lives
in the soul of love.

I filled my cup with gratitude
years ago, when mist covered
flowers of unselfish souls.

I watch the sun set and remember
those days of youth when life
was a treasure, not something
to fear.

I won't forget the sweat and tears
of those who worked the land and lived
life to the fullest, with God beside
there every dream.

I see a land of darkness now with no
desire to keep our nation free from
crimes and greed.

I see the clouds darken the world with
regret and unseen death of hope that
made our world so free.

What happened to the depth of life
when it use to be so filled with love
and understanding ?

(Open the door and look up and see light)

Derena Bree

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Depth of Life