Billy's Bike! William's Jet!

Little Billy loved his bike.
He'd peddled uphill, and
Coast back down.
The sound of air passing
through tires spikes
set the bike,
on a streek fire!

Billy delivered News Papers
His bike would guide him fast
He brought his bike to every
Drive, his spirit was so alive.

Little Billy, found it hard to
Park his bike, he didn't want it
Out of his sight.
School was the where he'd
Lock it in its place, then walk
Away at a normal pace.

The day came when Billy no longer rode
His bike, he drove a car to and fro,
Off to work, he'd go!

His family loves him so. When he
Joined the Air Force, it was so
Hard to go. His service was a life
Of commitment, his children traveled
To see the world, except in times of
War, when his jet was flown in distant
Heights, his craft beyond natural sights.

Seasons flew by, for William's service on land
And sky. As the years took his youth and steady
His spirit would guide when he looked at his
An old bike that gave him his first ride!
That no longer was by his side..
The memory still lives on, of a time
Of joy,  for a bike,  and a happy 
(In this Tale, the sky was not the limit:
Only the beginning!)

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Billy`s Bike! William`s Jet!