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"Charity begins at home, is the voice of the world:

Yet is every man his greatest enemy."
Sir Thomas Browne, 1642


Pride is hard to swallow, to accept helps needs 
Walking around in blood-soaked shoes, limping heeds. 
Headed out the outdoor, all eyes are fixed on you,
Never will they see, when they glare at thee.
Whom are they to ridicule?  Whom are they to cry?
Who are they to the point?  When they know no better than I.
Knowing is the beginning, admission is the start. 
Wandering around unsheltered is the toughest part.
Where will their next meal be, when will it come?
Not knowing where or when, is hardest for one.
Unbeknownst to men, the amount of your fold,
Must stay closed; an always go untold.
Vagabonds and Hobos, traveling the countries sides
Does not mean that much to them knowing where to hide.
More Homeless in shelters, more than beds,
Unable to comfort them, let alone be fed.
Rejected and ostracized turned away again,
Sleeping under big blue is not so bad;
When it's with friends. 
Men are there worse enemy, time and time again!

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