Written by Cynthia L. B. Bogear
December 30, 2017

As a child a spark flowed through me,
Playful and full of life it glowed,
I danced and ran with joy,
Throwing caution to the wind.

Then the day had come to pass,
No longer a child but now grown,
Life was no longer skipping rope or play,
Now chores and responsibility.

My spark had all but left me,
Now a dim flicker of light,
Smiles seldom on my face,
Life's choas I did play.

Grown and wiser to life,
I took on my daily task alone,
For life's challenges had made me old,
Hopeless on finding my life mate.

What seemed days became years,
Smiles appeared in my face to all,
However, my heart is where tears would fall,
None ever noticing the truth of me.

Many assumed I grew cold,
I had no desires for another soul,
Except I wanted the right soul,
Never to settle for a heart's mistake,

One day my soul cried out,
Seeking for something beyond itself,
Tears echoed inside as my soul cried,
Lost in a world where love did not grow,

In the distance you heard my sobs,
You reached for me to hold me close,
At first I pulled from you,
At first I rejected the possibility,

You wiped away the tears from my soul,
You gave me your hand to bring me up,
Kissing my lips tenderly,
Your soul told me I wasn't alone,

My spark now shines bright,
My life has new balance,
Our souls have now united,
And our love has become HOME.

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