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Going back to me

Have I become who I am mint to be?
Or did I lose that side of me?
The path that has brought me here
And now I no longer scream in fear
I have hopes and made dreams with my days
But is it all or did I miss some plays
I am mint for so much more than I am now
I know I have a purpose a spiritual part
Helping others and saving more than my self
I curved off gods path of this
But I know this time and I will fix
God guide me back to where I was born to be
Becoming the helper that you see
God give be back my entirety
I am ready to stand tall
I am ready to walk with thee forgiving my fall
I have and will never let go of your hand
Open my soul's eyes again lord open my soul's eyes to this world
And let me help thee help who is sent to me
I long for that feeling of goodness and light
When helping another is like your soul in flight
Wings on the horizon souring through the clouds
Nothing to make me cry or bring me down
Lord help me as I am going back to me…..

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Going back to me

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