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Take A Nap?

When life becomes complicated, take a nap!
Just a subtle break, then find the strength to
Fill the gap!
Naps are not a good thing if you're in the middle 
Of the road, or carrying a heavy load.
Just set the place and time, then meditate, it 
Might lighten the heavy day's weight.
 I wish you well, sometimes life can be tough,
But when you've had enough try the pen, it could 
Free the shuffle and worry within.
The best thing I found is the prayers comforting sound
The faith that I hold is as precious as gold and has 
Been with me when I was young and stays with me
When I grow old!
Sometimes those burdens can buckle the knees,
Life isn't always a breeze, but be kind to yourself,
Put those trouble on the shelf, one by one with hope,
and effort they could come undone!
Be kind to yourself, enjoy some fresh air,
Place your concerns in prayer,  the Almighty 
Does care!

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Take A Nap?