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Might as well relax, done all I can do!
Know that my love is always with you!
My life has seen the sunshine and seen
Sudden storms but through it all my heart
remains warm.

Many Blessings come my way. In darkest night and 
Sun-kissed days. 
If you see me walk away, I always say what I need to say!
I've fought long and hard my spirit is rich, It's in my Angels guard. 
When all is tossed in a grizzly pitch, I stop from falling in that ditch!

Remember the laughter through the years, and times you dried my tears
You've shared my joys and helped me face my fears.
The" ifs"  and "maybes" are afterthought, a delayed reaction of careless

When all is said and done, my life still has won!
You've stood beside me from day "ONE"
Thank you, my love,  for all you've done!
You've kept me living when the will was gone!

Your warm embrace is so alive it keeps me steady
So I survive! Don't wait for me to fall, I know with your 
Love, I will stand tall! 
In darkest hours, it's  your name I'll always call.
God blessed our home, and hearts through it all!

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Through It All