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Since the days of your fathers,

You have ignored His commands;

Earthly desire bothers,

As far as what God demands.


His statutes you have not kept,

You must be able to learn;

But you still do not accept,

To be able to return.


Please return unto the Lord,

For the Lord rules over all;

Since you have robbed and ignored,

From when Adam took the fall.


Why does man want to rob God?

With tithes and contributions;

Robbing of honor and laud,

Not setting resolutions.


You have been cursed with a curse,

Robbing the Lord causing guilt;

Your lifestyle makes it worse,

That your foundation is built.


Deposit tithes in His bank,

So, there will be food for you;

Interest paid you will thank,

To spiritually construe.


Commit to the Lord the test,

For opening the floodgates;

Be able to do your best,

Seeing if He compensates.


The Lord will contain the plague,

That is destroying the fruit;

Nothing will ever seem vague,

Enlighten you to the root.


Live in a land of delight,

The Lord ensured to bless;

Rewarding you with insight,

Once you decide to confess.


Your words being harsh and rude,

But once you did change your ways;

You have changed your attitude,

From the intention that strays

Copyright © 2018 Richard Newton Sherrer

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Robbing God