Grandpa Loved The Sea

Grandpa loved the Sea

He was a mountain of a man!
A gentle giant some would
Say! I watched him look over the
Waters edge for the better
Part of the day!

Silently he stood, I asked what he
was looking for? "I remember
The Sea, I didn't find it! The sea 
Found me.
The sights of the moving
Waves, and screeching gulls, my mind
Has saved!" My Grandfather loved
The Sea, he was missing it lately,
That was where he wanted to be!

So, it was so, the 30 year Navy radio
man left to peaceful waters clear and
Pure, with Heaven's love and light
His ship stays in his sight!

I miss his calm and peaceful way, I believe
He will come back, and we will sail away 
Thank You, Grandpa, I'll see you again
I will wait by the shore,  near that mystical 
Sea you adore...

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Grandpa Loved The Sea