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War-ravaged lands stood in tormented ruin.
The people needed to heal, truly an age of
Darkness begins to meet an end.
Unity would form, as the armies started
To bend.

Five Brothers stood together to heal the wounds
Of desolation.
The Kinsman formed unification!
One brother in each of the four corners of the soil
A fifth brother in the middle was the heart to end
The toil.

Cleaning, rebuilding, and care of the people.
Homes started to rise,  the restoration, of 
The church and the steeples brought hope
To their eyes.
The face of the land took value in the stand.
The glimmer of light held in open hand.

There was a healing that filled the needs of
Peoples lives in hills and dales.
The Kinsman's efforts would prevail.
Their good people worked with dedication.
Life renewed without hesitation.

Years of generations change the long war's
The land yields bounty from its rich soil!
History of wars and peace, the triumphs
and moments that fail, will come together,
As I continue the " Kinsman's Tale..."
( To Be Continued)

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Kinsman`s Tale