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Puppets and Pundits

Puppets and pundits

are scraped into schematics in abundances

because of their political blindness to see

Stubbornness has its will to fill every heart

that swims in the putrid sea

State the truth

and watch evil get dramatic in poor minds or pundits

in the very subject they claim to hold a degree

Narrow minds, pompous, and pride

a bus filled with tragic minds ride

Won't allow us to get beyond the clouds

How could this thing be

Every soul has a sword every tongue is bold

The world is so cold

The people are not shackled

But their minds are not free

Melting pot Melting pot

Hearts are cold Tempers are hot

Truth is but a breath away

But it will never be caught

Unless hearts and minds are bent to thee

Copyrights 2018

Robert Anthony James

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Puppets and Pundits