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A century passed and generations prospered.
The land took care of the people and the people
Cared for the land.
The remnants of war were faded!

Threats no longer lurked in the shadows of turmoil,
The Kinsman continued with hope to live without toil.
Some silent stronghold was starting to appear!
Facing another hold of fear! Sickness was walking
and stalking far and farther. 

There was an upcoming of an unbeatable enemy's force.
The deadly illness has taken a devastating course!
Black Death  was holding the hands of time walking, 
Sailing and drifting,  the dead and dying everywhere,
taking life in its monstrous snare.

The Kinsman fell their line was nearly gone,
two of  the five Kinsman remained,
these two pulled from the Cities domain.

In search of isolation of the Epidemic's reach.
They would head to the mountains  many weeks
Away, they were too be sure they didn't travel with 
Sickness and spread it more as they strayed.

Eight days into their walk, not a soul ill,
just tired and sore, convinced they didn't 
Carry the plague. They picked up the pace
With deep sorrow and remorse they still 
Stayed to their course!! 
Halfway there..(to be concluded in Kinsman's Tale 3)

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Kinsman`s Tale 2 ( Running from Black Death)