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Love Beats a rhythm to a different drum.
There are many tunes it will reveal.
It's hope and peace is a calming feel.
There are times when tears fall, and 
Sorrow appears in the lovers call.

Hold dear the bond. Caress its tears
Walk upright and face the fears, love 
Will follow the heart throughout the
Up and down it walks the road, and 
Offers hope when burdens load.

Be not alone. Be not afraid. Remember:
This is a world that love has made!
Keep the warmth, it will not fade.
Toss aside all bitter chill, live the love
With a faithful thrill.

Many feeling will pave the way but feel
The love at the end of the day.
Let hope find love, and give your heart
An awesome sway.
Walk those miles, with loving style!

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Life with Love