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Forever Love

The moment that I met you, I knew you were the one
Beauty from your face, glowing brighter than the sun

That tone in your voice, when calling out my name
You hit me in the heart and I'll never be the same

I look into your eyes and see right into your soul
Moments of your past that were out of my control

The hurting in your heart has left an empty hole
I am here to fill that void, just want to let you know

Everything that happened, has made you who you are
Don't have to hang your head, cause baby your a star

So rise above it all, now it's time for you to shine
With all my love to give, won't stop until your mine

No distance that's between us, will ever be too far
I will swim across an ocean, to wake up where you are

There is no turning back, our love is just too strong
We will be together soon, I won't keep you waiting long

Your Baby Boi is coming, to take you in his arms
And you, Mi Amor, will be my lucky charm

You have been Saving all your love for me, I see it in your eyes
And Soon I will feel that love, when i'm between your thighs

Our hearts will then unite, and together we will know
I will never let you down, you will never let me go

It's been you all along, that I was dreaming of
To Spend my life by your side, in forever love

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Forever Love

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