My Brother

The hour is late my eyes grow heavy.
A full day but one I will remember.
A child sat by her brother and read
to him from a book, her face had a soft
and gentle look.

He was tapping his fingers on the table
Near. He had a streak of orneriness that
It was so very clear.
His tapping grew louder,
his sister was no longer heard,
soon she closed the book
and didn't speak a word!

"Why did you stop reading? " The boy asked
His sister. "Will you finish the story,
please I didn't mean to tease!"
"Will you listen, quietly?" his sister asked.
Reading to her brother was a bothersome task.
He shook his head and placed his hands on the
His sister continued reading the fable.

He heard every word she read, then placed
both hands on his head. He didn't want
The story to end, seem his attention and respect,
he'd gained his sister as a friend!
Yes, I will remember this day, when respect
was earned in play.
We learn life in work and play, as golden
Moments come our way!

My own brother died years ago, this scene
Brought my tears to flow, I miss him still,
As years passed our love only continued
To grow!
A bond my heart will always know!
( My Brother )

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My Brother