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Terra's Requisite (Sine Qua Non)

If we were to return to yesteryear,
For air so fresh skies so clear,
Would it be too start anew,
Or is that feelings of a few?

Mistakes; many moderns have made,
To choose and carry to their aid;
Mislead not our population census,
Utilize all of your six senses!

In the well and within the rain,
Even in the freshly game;
Open eyes then look around
For what is spilled upon the ground.

On the ground and in the air
You can find it anywhere.
In the water, you can't drink or bathe;
That too can really be unsafe.

Nature, Businesses are of all Mankind,
Pollution to, be so unkind!
We must make more law resolutions
To end all man-made pollutants!

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Terra`s Requisite (Sine Qua Non)