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We who have fought for freedom know the true cost
As they say freedom has never been free to people
It was provided by the sacrifices made by warriors

Those young and old who have always answered the call
To defend freedom at any cost no matter what that cost
To keep our nation, it's citizens and our allies free

These are the true heroes of our nation & our citizens
They gave everything they had to defend everyone here
They have earned our respect & gratitude for doing it

Some people are extremely out of touch with reality
For they think their freedom was provided for them
Provided by athletes & by Hollywood entertainers

They disrespect our nation, our flag & our warriors
The true symbols of our nation who paid for freedom
Many were wounded in battles fought or had died too

So what sports figures or entertainers do you know
That left their families and homes to defend freedom
They only care about their high salaries and fame

They are self centered individuals who wouldn't go
They enjoy only their freedom and their own riches
They wouldn't give any of you the time of day

Yet you will worship them and honor them as heroes
And the real heroes are looked down on or spit on
This was our welcome home after we defended freedom

Terry Sasek - Alwaysawarrior - all rights reserved.

Sport Figures & Hollywood Elites didn't pay the price
for the freedom you enjoy each and everyday, it was
provided and paid for by the sacrifices of all of our
warriors who put their lives and families on hold as
they volunteered to go and answer the call to defend
freedom for all of our citizens of our country and it
was paid for by their own courage and dedication to
the oath that they had pledged to defend our freedom
at any price up to & including giving their own lives
if necessary. What Sports Figures or Hollywood types
have ever offered to sacrifice themselves for you???


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