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Little Billy and the Sun

A day of darkness was distressing to all!
Little Billy cried, " Mom did the sun fall?"
His Mother gently smiled and looked into
Billy's eyes, she released a calming sigh.

"The sun is hidden by the clouds, that happens
A lot on winter days!  It sparkles above as sure
as my love!  Yes, it will shine again,  I just Don't
know when."  Billy looked at his Mothers 
Face she always walked a steady pace, she waved
and left the room, sweeping the floor with her old
push broom. 

The next day the sun beamed bright, Little Billy 
Was thrilled with the sight!
So he grabbed his boots, hat and gloves, headed 
Outside sat on his sled and gave it a shove.
He thought to himself, the sun shines brightly
Because of my Mommy's love!

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Little Billy, and the Sun!