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For You Who Knows The Rain

(Poem Found In a Notebook Today
February 9, 2018...written in the Fall
of 2016 as the darkest of Winter begins
in Portland, Oregon.)

street lights focus on your truck
a truck you do not own
but right now owns and surrounds
the rain blurs and difuses
the truck, the light and you, inside
but not the impossibility
of it
nor the electric current
which courses into my heart
I'm strapped in to it
the pain of it too
outlining me

I wonder
what are you thinking about
looking out
from your diminished view
through steamy windows
reading through
the same books and thoughts
again and again
here the pain, the rain and thoughts of you
come anew

the pain that sears
when my thoughts join in with yours and you
you are right front/ center stage
in full view

I have never seen
such suffering
there is no rememdy
for me
nor you
no buffering
of the frail truth
in our youth
we were taught
how not to carry on
but there you are
and I do not know how
you can go on
one moment longer

could the winds
buffet you
any stronger
I pray
til my hands ache
there is no remission
the rain
the pain
the sight of you

why is suffering
so prolonged
so long
and not good
that could
be persistent

how you know the rain
how you know the rain.

legal copyright for this poem/work
and also for this writer Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-a-World

entered 10:44am PST February 8 2018

thanks be to my partner/boyfriend
who helped me and my brother
weather through this storm...
he is my rock.

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