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 On a path of uncivilized land, in the far distance, the mountains stand!!
My brother, our wives, and children decided to find a place to rest
and sleep for the night, our journey has surely put our spirits to the test!

In the shade of an old oak tree, we closed our tired eyes and bid 
Farwell to sunny skies. Somewhere in my dreams, I hear  disembodied
Voices screams. I told myself to wake, but my dreams did overtake!
A small child approaches me and hands me a silver key!

"It is the mountains you travel to, that is forbidden for you to do."
The child then disappears and left behind his salty tears. What's 
this?  I see my greatest fears.  Land is filled with death,
I see humanities Final Breath! 
My sorrow's cup was steeply filled until the sorrows began to spill.
Black Death was all-around, so many casualties lay on the ground!

The child appeared again, " You now have seen that this could be the
End of men. Bypass the mountains and build your town, and build 
High walls all around, produce a city,  a city clean and fight the illness
with thoughtful means. Take heed to what I say, and turn your
Family far away! Take the silver key, and wash clean old history!"
The child fades away, I wake to another day.

I told my Wife about my dream, she said it was a message from
God above, he shines the wisdom of his love! I looked at her, she
Looked at me, in my hand was the silver key!
A metropolis now stands with healthy kin life prospers,
and thrives within!
( A Tale of history old, how the Black Death
Took it's hold 1/3 of Europe died, the sadness of our lost
Will never hide, it nearly took us all, but some took their stand
and refuse to fall!  So Ends the Kinsman tale, and how the Dark
Ages plight, end of wars by pestilence, a population nearly went
To it's end, but they prevailed, as history entails! )

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Kinsman`s Tale 3 ( Finding Life and Hope)