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It was hard to gather the pieces
of her shattered heart!
She walked home alone
and closed out the day!
She was beyond the point
of dismay.
She was certain her broken heart
would stay!
So she closed her tearful eyes
and softly began to pray.

So misunderstood,
and alone she doubt,
she'd see another day!
 As she was deep in prayers
halos filled the room.
Light and Angels song
lifted away from the gloom.
Hope rekindled,
for a love that was always there.
A love, once broken that would ...
soon repair!

That night was long but sweet,
her son's first son was born, 
she witnesses  her Grandsons first breath,
she held him with tender loving care,
looking into his angelic face....
She could not help but stare.

There are many paths in life,
sometimes we can not win,
Remember when hope and
love helps us choose,
we will be certain with their aid,
we can not lose!

( Love you always,
your Grandmother!
Welcome to the world!)

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Love and Hope