Expressions From Within


Shadows conceal me
In the protective shade
You cannot see
The hurt you inflict
What I wouldn't trade
To break the bonds that constrict

Alone, silence asphyxiates
Nowhere to turn
It's now up to fate
Losing myself from within
Like a slow burn
How can you face me with that grin?

You tear me down
To bring yourself up
I'm like a sad clown
Held in a prison of abuse
Wearing a mask of false happiness
While at the same time
My hands are gripping my death cup
Calling for a truce

You see only what you want
Turn a blind eye to the rest
In turn it will forever haunt
Your small piece of remaining humanity
Until it becomes a pest
Trying your very sanity

I don't need much
A friend to lend an ear
Someone with a light touch
To be a shoulder to lean or cry on
Please come and appear
I can't continue if you're gone

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