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Nimble and quick he comes running to her aid.
She stood before him with a smile that will never fade.
She stood with her hands full of overstuffed bags, ready 
To split, so Billy grabbed them bit by bit.

She looked in disbelief, yet, released a sigh of relief.
He walked her to her door, she invited him in. 
He placed the bags on her table, she thanked him.
He said he was glad he was able.

He asked her name, her name was Marry, her soft
gentle ways, and the grace she carries....
Warmed his heart from the start.

He smiled then walked to the door, she smiled and
Thanked him again and asked him if he would stay
For some tea,  he had somewhere he had to be,
"Maybe another day, so nice for you to ask." 
Then Billy was on his way.

They passed each other on the street they first met, 
Mary had this appealing smile that he could not forget.

So one day he showed at her front door,
Mary answered of course with a smile...
He handed her a bouquet of red roses and 
candy as well, their smiles outshines the sun.
Billy knew she was "The One."

A lifetime of smiles was on his mind, for true 
love is hard to find!
Mary and Billy became light and love to each other's life,
Happily, they now walk that street, as Husband and Wife!

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Street of Smiles