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25 Years on and the pain is still as acute as it was back then.  
There is still no justice for James, the fight continues.
This little boy (who was just a baby) must never be forgotten
nor the two that murdered him.


Although 25 years have passed by
I can still easily sit down and cry
For James Bulger and his family
Don`t know how they kept their sanity.

I get so worked up and upset
And I know I will never forget
How two 10 yr olds set out to destroy
The life of such a beautiful little boy.

James still yet only two was shopping with his Mum
Leaving his Mum`s side he met the gruesome twosome,
They were on the outlook for a child to abduct
To push into busy traffic, is this normal child conduct?

They played truant from school on that fateful day
The evil was planned when they led him away,
They befriended him and took him by the hand
2.5 miles they took him to disused land.

They dragged, pushed and carried him to his death
While this baby cried and screamed with all his breath,
They showed no mercy, so callous were they
Just murderous thoughts on that dreadful day.

They threw paint  they`d stolen into his left eye
Kicked him, hit him with bricks altho` he did cry,
They hit him with stones and a 22lb iron bar
It would have been kinder to throw him under a car.

From the report some information arose
About them removing his lower clothes,
In James` mouth batteries were placed
This little boy these two debased.

When he was dead and they had finished with him
Lifeless and nodoubt battered from limb to limb,
They weighed his head down laying him across the track
Hoping his death looked accidental as the train made its impact.

They got their wish but luckily he was out of pain
As his body was finally cut in half by a train,
But it was easy to see this was no accident
But a death caused with malicious intent.

What happened to James was inhumane
How this toddler must have endured such pain,
He must have been terrified out of his mind
Tortured by two kids that were not of the human kind.

Two days later his mutilated body was found
Battered and broken he lay on the ground,
His parents must have gone to hell and back
Their whole world must have turned black.

The whole truth of this case will never unfold
As it`s far too horrific to ever be told,
But my heart bleeds for what he went through
Events that time can never undo.

I look at my grandson who is James` age
And what happened to James fills me with rage,
How could anyone brutalise someone so young
I think for their crime they should be hung.

He was loved and loving, a beautiful child
`Til those two devils left him defiled,
It`s hard to hide just how I feel
And the hatred for those two I can`t conceal.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson were caught
And although justice for James was sought,
Those two were only put in detention centres
With all the comforts of home and a joke for a sentence.

All the do-gooders live on planet cuckoo
Or more justice for James they would pursue,
These two are not normal children in any shape or form
It will take more than a lifetime to make them reform.

Venables and Thompson were released June 2001
At the age of 18 they have their life James has none,
They were granted lifelong anonymity
To me that is a reward for being guilty.

Where is the justice for James in all of this?
All the unfairness I just can`t dismiss,
The tragedy of this little boy eats me up inside
Endless tears for this child I have cried.

God bless you little one
James Bulger
16th March 1990 ~ 12 February 1993


copyrightę Elsie

Elsie`s Poetry ~*~ Poet5170

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