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The Knights horses were strong and lean!
They patrolled the kingdom day and night
they were prepared if there is a need to fight!

The King was an honorable ruler, his conquest
For peace would help his people prosper and
grow.   Each year the entire kingdom gathered
in the walls of the castle a festival, and royal ball.

The people were preparing a celebration.
Taking a lot of preparation.
Amazing food and a number of wares
would be present there.

This year was special! The King's son and heir
Was becoming of age, to take his bride,
There will be songs to sing that would fill the 
Prince Philip taking Princess Elizabeth's hand,
The future King and Queen of the land.
(This is a medieval tale based on legendary adventure
and chivalric love. Please watch for Kingdom Fair 2
To be continued )

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Kingdom Fair ( Preparations For a Celebration )